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Don’t be fooled, all outdoor cabinetry is not created equally.  The skeleton of our cabinetry is built out of welded aluminum tubular construction.  The framing is then sheeted in 1/2" Green E-board resulting in a waterproof and fireproof structure. This durable construction technique is the strongest system on the market and offers a limited lifetime warranty.


Cabinet bases are available in two standard sizes to accommodate difference built in grill depths:

  1. 26” deep cabinet base
  2. 30” deep cabinet base

Note: Custom cabinet sizes are available and are quoted on a per job basis.  Cabinets are available with 2 ½” countertop (38 ½” total height) for when the counter will be tiled; also available without countertops, so that 1-piece countertops can be installed, such as granite or concrete slab (36 ½” total height).

They are supplied ready to deliver in maximum lengths of 8-10’ and will be designed to “bolt” together onsite to create the finished size and shape.  The cabinets are constructed of welded aluminum tubing and sheeted in waterproof and fireproof outdoor Green E-board.

Backsplash can be added and are typically 6” high and 3” deep. Raised bar overhangs are also offered and are typically 6” high and 14” deep total.

Lead times vary but generally average 1 - 3 weeks.

Electrical, plumbing and finishing services are not offered by Elements Outdoor and should be done onsite by local trades.

Along with this service, we also offer design support in the form of rendered computer drawings to visually show what the island will look like once completed. Take a look at our Design Center for more information.

Custom Kitchen Item Codes:

Code                                       Description                                                    

CUSTOM-26”                       26” Deep Base w/ Counter            
CUSTOM-30”                       30” Deep Base w/ Counter       
OMK-45C                              45 Degree Corner                            
BACKSPLASH                      6” Tall Backsplash Add-on           
RAISEDBAR                          Raised Bar Overhang               
COUNTEROVERHANG      Any Additional Overhang                  


Custom Built Outdoor Kitchen Area - Click for Larger View

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